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Why does lithium battery customization need to be aging, and how much effect can it play on battery performance?

       What is lithium battery aging? Lithium battery aging can be said to be the most indispensable process in lithium battery customization. The lithium battery manufacturing process can be roughly divided into three stages, the first-stage battery cell manufacturing, the middle-term assembly, and the later-stage battery activation. The activation stage of the battery includes battery aging.

       The main purpose of the customized active phase of the lithium battery is to fully activate the electrolyte and active materials in the battery to achieve stable electrochemical performance. The aging of the lithium battery is the main contributor to this purpose. The main functions of aging for the performance of lithium batteries are:

       1. Make the electrolyte in the battery more wettable.

       2. It can promote the acceleration of some side effects in the battery, such as gas production and electrolyte decomposition.

       3. The voltage and internal resistance of the aging lithium battery are more stable and consistent.

       Customized aging of lithium batteries will also have some external factors, that is, the aging time and temperature. In addition, it is also more important whether the lithium battery is in an open or sealed state during aging. The external factors of the aging of the lithium battery will change due to the change of the positive electrode material of the battery, because the degree of aging of the positive electrode material of different batteries is different. At present, the cathode materials of lithium battery cells mainly include lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium and lithium titanate.

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