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Protective measures in lithium battery manufacturers

       Due to the chemical reaction of the metal in the lithium battery, the explosion and combustion of the lithium battery are prone to occur. Therefore, you must always be careful in the production, packaging, and transportation of lithium batteries, because lithium battery manufacturers need to take strict protective measures.

        Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, the temperature and humidity in the warehouse must have certain requirements. It is necessary to keep the warehouse dry and ventilated. The humidity will affect the performance of the battery, and the temperature needs to be kept between 19-24 degrees. The electrical equipment used in the warehouse must comply with safety standards and must be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment to prevent accidents.

        In the premises of lithium battery manufacturers, it is strictly forbidden to stack other flammable and explosive materials, open flames, and smoking bans. All safety passages should be kept unblocked, free from obstructions, and avoid other situations when carrying lithium batteries or evacuating accidents.

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