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There are several charging methods for lithium battery packs

       Many people want to say when they see a charging method, charging is not just plugging in the interface. As a manufacturer of lithium batteries and supporting chargers, I tell you that it is not just that simple. There are many ways to construct lithium battery packs.

        Ordinary series charging method, the current charging method of lithium battery packs on the market is this, which is mainly due to the low cost and simple structure of this method. However, this method also has certain problems. It is easy to overcharge, and overcharge will cause the performance of the battery to decrease and even explosion and fire events may occur.

        The charger and the battery management system are charged in series. As the name suggests, the charger and the battery management system need to be well coordinated and connected in series to charge the lithium battery pack, which can prevent overcharging, especially if there are many lithium battery strings and battery packs. Solution to problems such as poor consistency.

        Parallel charging, as opposed to series charging, can prevent problems such as overcharging and dissatisfaction. The disadvantages are high cost, low charging efficiency, and low reliability. Therefore, this charging method is not used on a large scale.

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