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What are the benefits of lithium battery customization

       Lithium battery customization is produced for equipment with special needs for lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are currently used in all walks of life. Generally, the lithium battery products used in our daily life do not need to be customized, and those that need to be customized are those of industrial grade. lithium battery. Generally, it is required for the volume, capacity, and protective measures of lithium batteries.

       1. The battery volume is customized, the size is flexible, and the randomness is large. It can be large or small within the specified battery specifications.

       2. Customization of battery capacity. The capacity of a lithium battery is related to the length of time the battery is used, so long-term use of lithium battery equipment can increase battery capacity without changing other requirements. Because the customization of lithium batteries is mainly industrial lithium batteries, so the capacity cannot be customized too small. Take our lithium battery manufacturers, we do not customize batteries with a capacity below 10AH.

       3. The safety is high. The lithium battery custom manufacturer will increase the battery protection measures according to the environment of the lithium battery equipment you use or according to your requirements. For example, when used in humid, high temperature and other environments, protective measures will strengthen protection against these. Of course, basic charge-discharge protection, over-current protection, etc. will be available.

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