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What are the characteristics of lithium batteries?

       What are the characteristics of lithium batteries? Comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of lithium batteries covered by new energy vehicles? What are the characteristics of polymer lithium batteries? Analysis of the characteristics and safety characteristics of lithium batteries, what are the good advantages of the characteristics of lithium batteries, etc., and lithium batteries are commonly used as batteries for new energy vehicles. Lithium batteries have high energy density, high operating voltage, wide operating temperature range, long cycle life, and safety High performance and other advantages. Is the current mainstream development direction of rechargeable batteries, let's take a look at the characteristics of lithium batteries.

       1. What are the characteristics of lithium batteries?

       1. It has a higher weight-to-energy ratio and volume-to-energy ratio.

       2. The voltage is high. For example, the voltage of a single 18650 lithium battery (not including lithium iron phosphate) is 3.7V, which is equal to the series voltage of 3 nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

       3. The battery can be stored for a long time due to low self-discharge, which is the outstanding advantage of the battery.

       4. No memory effect. Lithium batteries do not have the so-called memory effect of nickel-cadmium batteries, so there is no need to discharge lithium batteries before charging.

       5. Long life. Under normal working conditions, the number of charge/discharge cycles of a lithium battery is much greater than 500.

       6. It can be charged quickly. Lithium batteries can usually be charged with a current of 0.5 to 1 times the capacity, shortening the charging time to 1 to 2 hours.

       7. It can be used in parallel in series at will.

       8. Since the battery does not contain heavy metal elements such as cadmium, lead, mercury, etc., it has no pollution to the environment. It is a contemporary advanced green battery.

       9. High cost. Compared with other rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries are more expensive.

       2. What are the characteristics and advantages of polymer lithium batteries?

       The characteristic of the polymer lithium battery is that it can generally be charged and discharged 300-500 times, and the lithium battery is partially discharged instead of completely discharged, and frequent complete discharge should be avoided as much as possible. Once the customized lithium battery is off the production line clock, it will start Moving around, whether you use lithium batteries or not, the service life is only in the first few years. The decrease in battery capacity is due to the increase in internal resistance caused by oxidation (this is the main reason for the decrease in battery capacity). The resistance of the electrolyzer will reach a certain point. Although the battery is fully charged at this time, the battery cannot release the stored power.

       3. What are the advantages of lithium batteries?

       The characteristics and advantages of lithium batteries: Lithium batteries have relatively high energy and high storage energy density, which has reached 460-600Wh/kg, which is about 6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are characterized by long service life and long service life. Recharge and discharge 1C (100% DOD) batteries with lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode for more than 6 years.

       4. What are the shortcomings in the characteristics of lithium batteries?

       The shortcomings of the characteristics of lithium batteries are that all lithium primary batteries have poor safety and risk of explosion. Lithium cobalt oxide lithium batteries cannot be discharged at high currents, which are expensive and have poor safety; lithium batteries need to protect the circuit to prevent the battery from being overwhelmed. Over-charge and over-discharge; high production requirements and high cost.

       5. The safety features of lithium batteries.

       1. Overcharge problem The protection board is installed on the lithium battery to solve the problem of overcharge and overdischarge.

       2. The internal short circuit adopts dust-free workshop to control impurities. The employees of the lithium battery manufacturer should take good care of personnel and avoid collisions during the 5S handling process; strengthen the life control of tools and molds; adopt high-strength diaphragms.

       3. External short circuit: install a fuse on the battery pack; do a good job of training to avoid misoperation by personnel.

       4. The battery is impacted or punctured by external force: the battery pack is equipped with a high-strength casing; flame-retardant electrolyte and a high-strength diaphragm are used.

       The characteristics of lithium batteries In the past ten years, the wide application of lithium batteries has proved to be a very reliable battery technology. Lithium batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, mobile phones, camera notebook computers and other mobile devices. Lithium batteries are a kind of secondary battery. Secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries), the characteristics of lithium batteries also rely on the movement of lithium between the positive and negative electrodes to work; in the process of charging and discharging, Li+ intercalation and deintercalation between the two electrodes back and forth: when electricity is the main energy source In modern society, batteries play an important role in realizing sustainable social and economic development. Among current types of batteries, lithium batteries are a power source with development and application prospects.

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