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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the industrial lithium battery industry standard conditions

       It is learned from the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that in order to strengthen the management of the lithium-ion battery industry, guide the transformation and upgrading of the industry, vigorously cultivate strategic emerging industries, and promote the healthy development of the lithium-ion battery industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information The Interim Measures for Announcement Management have been revised, and the revised interim measures for the specification and management of the lithium battery industry will come into effect on February 15, 2019.

       The "Regulations" points out that in the nature reserves, drinking water source protection areas, ecological function protection areas that are determined by national laws, regulations, and plans or approved by the people's government at or above the provincial level, basic farmland has been delineated, as well as laws and regulations. Li-ion battery (including supporting) projects shall not be built in areas where the construction of industrial enterprises is prohibited. Existing enterprises in the above-mentioned areas shall be demolished and closed in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, or strictly controlled in scale and gradually moved out.

       The "Regulations" requires strict control of new lithium-ion battery (including supporting) projects that simply expand production capacity and have low technical levels. For new construction, renovation and expansion projects that are really necessary to promote technological innovation, improve product quality, reduce production costs, etc., the industry competent department shall strengthen the organization and demonstration in accordance with relevant regulations.

       Companies with independent production, sales and service capabilities of related products in the lithium-ion battery industry should have an annual R&D expenditure of not less than 3% of the company’s main business income for the year. Companies are encouraged to obtain high-tech enterprise qualifications or R&D institutions and technology centers above the provincial level. .

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