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Personnel policy
  Respect for people     Cultivate people     Achieve people


The company takes "creating value and serving the society" as its mission,
To become a "global investment management expert,
Taking smart energy and smart city service providers as the direction,
With the vision of "building and sharing a safe, green and better life".

  The company's human resources management work always adheres to the talent concept of "respect, cultivate, and achieve people", advocate a "centered on those with good performance", and tilt resources and platforms to those with good performance in order to respect On the premise of employee needs, through the management and optimization of the work system, employee knowledge and skill training, and employee engagement improvement plans, we will continue to develop employee potentials, achieve organizational goals, and achieve a "win-win" for the company and employees.
  After years of development, the concepts of "one person enters Yangchen, the whole family Yangchen people", "six sons of science", "six forces principle" and other concepts have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and have unique characteristics of Yangchen. We sincerely look forward to your joining.


Everyone is happy, recruiting talents
The fittest is the talent, the best is the deed


Respect individuality, take advantage of strengths and avoid weaknesses
Meritorious performance is the best


Select talents, tap potential and add value
Tailor-made, apply what you have learned


Culture blends people, atmosphere shapes people
Retention on the platform and sharing of results


Encourage advanced and spur backward


Team building requirements

1.  Highly recognize and practice corporate culture and values as an example
2.  Have noble personal morality and professional ethics, adhere to noble sentiments,   comply with professional standards, do your duty, love your job and work
3.  Performance indicators effectively undertake the company's strategy and complete it well
4.  Innovative and effective working methods

Salary and benefits policy

1.  Performance-oriented salary system;
2.  R&D personnel achieve special rewards for topic projects;
3.  Sales staff complete the sales performance commission reward;
4.  Special talents enjoy the introduction of talent apartments and other allowances;
5.  National social insurance policies, statutory holidays and various trainings;
6.  Equity incentives (for technical and management employees who have been employed for one year);
7.  Board and lodging: The company provides staff dormitories and staff restaurants, and gives 30% meal subsidies;
8.  Phone fee subsidy: the company provides work mobile phones


Job Recruitment


Professional requirements:Due to the needs of business development, the company is now recruiting a clerk. Requirements:Be proficient in OFFICE office software;Good writing, clear thinking, able to wr...
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Into Yangchen

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Anhui Yangchen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact :Manager Liu

Address:Industrial Park, Renheji Town, Tianchang City



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